West York Demolition started business in January 2002, and ever since that first project, the company has worked on over 1000 project across BC valued at over $80 million. West York has employed hundreds of staff members, throughout the years, and partnered with over 11 major construction, development, and engineering companies.

West York provides quality and timely demolition services to our clients and partner companies, and quality of work and time remain the key in our successful history and future professional relationship.

West York Demo covers a vartiy of services including but not limited to resicntial, educational, government, and commercial buildings. We pride our success and history.
  • 15+ years of expereince
  • 1000+ projects
  • Projects valued at over 80 millions of dollar
  • Hundred of highly motivated crew throughout the years
  • WCB insured
  • Local BC business

Our Team

  1. Paul Wallis
    Paul Wallis
  2. Kameran A
    Kameran A
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